“RED GOLD” or voyage through time and taste!

“RED GOLD” or voyage through time and taste!

Tuscany is famous not only for its wine and olive oil, but also for cultivating saffron!

Saffron is one of the most unique and interesting spices in the world:

  • The oldest spice in the world
  • It is “Worth its Weight in Gold”
  • An elixir for male and female health
  • Possesses incredible healing properties
  • The spice awakens the joy of life and brings happiness.

We fell in love with saffron and couldn’t resist starting to cultivate it, as our villa is located in the City of Saffron, and saffron from our Florentine hills has always been renowned for its unique properties, bearing the special quality seal “Zima di Firenze,” marking it as the best saffron in Italy.

After much thought, we realized we could offer more than just spices and created a drink capable of emerged to captivate discerning palates – Croco Saffron Liqueur, unlike any other!

Imagine the luxurious aroma of saffron, hints of mystique from past centuries, and the creative spirit of the modern world. This flavor invites you on a sensual journey, immersing yourself in the beauty of saffron’s rich history with every exquisite sip.

Our Villa La Commenda Concordia eagerly awaits the opportunity to enchant you with its exquisite saffron-infused liqueur and the rich aroma of fragrant saffron.